Album One

by Metropolitan Parc

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Lyrics and music by Metropolitan Parc

Lola Bastard: synths, percussions, vocals
Daniel Salvo: drums, guitars, vocals
Michael Stroudinsky: keys, vocals


released June 16, 2013

Additional electronics/orchestrals: Aurélien Rubod
Arrangements: Metropolitan Parc & Aurélien Rubod
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Richard Leigh Grice
Produced by Endangered Wise Men
Drums & keys tracked at Kingsize Soundlabs, Los Angeles CA
Additional keys, guitars & vocals recorded in an apartment on Miracle Mile
Performers: Alain Bellefleur, Rick Grice



all rights reserved


Metropolitan Parc Genève, Switzerland

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Track Name: Pride
You think you know me but you’re wrong, tell me you are wrong
I am in the race and if I stop now I loose it all
I used to play the game so you would be insecure
Inside I let you see what I just want you to see

Do never ever think you can make me loose my temper
I know the tricks too well enough, not to let it go
Now everyone seems hollow I am no exception
I seek other dimensions watching others from the top

I have got to hide my pride so they won’t see

One day you’ll get in the way - lift me up, make it work
No right to say I’m okay you should make me shut up
If I dive in the mirror crashing unto the ground
I’ll pick up all the pieces, build a new one and start again
Track Name: That's me, trying
This is what we need
We need to let it out
Only to be apart
Sure everything looks good in the dark
The image you desire

Sing along for attention
Sing along to a song your friends can chose

Now down to the floor
We spin into the night
Only to be apart
You want to look good, that’s what it’s all about
Tomorrow will not shine
Track Name: Disappear until daylight
Tell me we’ll disappear in the mass through the night
Tell me you want to see all the wrongs in the right
Tell me you’re not a fool, don’t give into the dark fright at all
Follow the beating drum until the march has taken over

If you throw a stone and it bounces back
Don’t you even bother asking ‘why?’

Shout the unspoken truth and reconcile all my brothers
Pin-down the blood-red square to your skin and let it bother
Show me the people rules
Take the streets, all the time, by the throat
Rid all your ghosts from what we’ve become we are warriors
Track Name: Chains
Overcome, overcome every daunting step
Realize, realize that all what you want is great
Never stop, don’t you stop holding all of hope by the hand
Run away, never let it go

I am dreaming, I am dreaming
That someday we will shine in the darkness

Free yourself from a thousand chains
Go away, go away my lover

Cast away all the fear that is trapped within
Be yourself for yourself, that’s the only way
Walk the line, walk the line of the endless mile
At your pace, face to face, don’t be in denial
Track Name: Compromise
No doubt of what is expected from me
I am a compromise, I have nothing to say
Struck by black thunder, Dante I know where you stand
I am a compromise, poor tepid skin

Looking at your every movement, the worst that could ever happen
Is that everything stays the same

I can’t find north under this massive ice field
I am a compromise, I swear I’ll behave
A stream ship is waiting, equinox tide in my mind
I am a compromise, I have nothing to say

You’re always by my side
J’ai perdu mon égo
Track Name: My animal
The sun is hitting so hard
Eyelids are melting
But does it really matter?
It is the end of the world
Make children if you want
Or jump from your temple

You are my animal

Slowly disappearing
With a taste of iodine
Like pixels on retina
Our time is useless
21 grams that’s all
The sea is just a cloud now
Track Name: Ellis Island
She was awake when the siren went off
She was waiting for him to come and tell her what’s going on
Her shoes were all she was taking with her
They just reached the end of the street and understood

They turned around, running the other way

A door, stairs, a room and noise, the hiding spot
Couldn’t be somewhere else in the corner, or maybe?

Crossing, people, river
Go the other side
Say hi to her freedom
Building lights and sky
Walk and walk in reverse
20th September
I am starting to be hungry
That’s all I can remember
Track Name: Before we stop the music
Night drive to dive into a pool of light
In a mecca of echo and electricity
Mountains of sounds are giving birth to shapes
Get your part right, fuel the energy

Six hundred eyes are staring at the noise
Looking for a flaw, waiting for a pause
Head rushed and sweat dripping off me
Get your part right boy and don’t look back at me

Heartbeat, heart beats harder as you get inside
We are all waiting for it to start
A haze. A Glow. I want to be like them
Shining on their faces, please make me the same

Don’t drown in the middle of this massive cloud
No control but if you fall, we will pull you out
Take one. It’s for those who haven’t seen yet
Fireworks in the park – I will not forget
Track Name: Time collapse
Everything is what it seems
Broken hearts and broken dreams
Time collapses in my hands
We’ll be together and take a stand
Of that I am sure

All this time I thought we’d be happy
With cars and homes and love and all

Take it all give nothing back
The city stole the sun like that
I’ve always tried to do my best
To stir it up, and outrun the rest

Everything is what it seems
Broke my heart and broke my dreams
Time collapsed now here I am
Stay with me we’ll take a stand
Track Name: Day one
We build our lives one day at a time
We cry, we cry for the last time
We think we cry for the last time

We stay oh yeah with this money line
We die, we die one day at a time
We die, we die for the last time

One step, two steps everyday on time
We die, we die one day at a time
We think we cry for the last time

We live our lives bluffing all the time
We try, we try not to let it out
We think we might forget all the time

We stay oh yeah with this little twine
We buy, buy waiting for the prime
We buy, we buy all at the same time